Behind Field Day '23 at Camp CRMY

Behind Field Day '23 at Camp CRMY

by CRMY Studios

First off, we wish Field Day ‘23 was a real event. To all those who kept asking, we're sorry to disappoint you. But thanks for the enthusiasm! It's now clear that if we actually organized an event like this, people would come.

So, what is Field Day? That's an excellent question.

Imagine a weekend at a summer camp for adults, situated on the property of a wealthy businessman who donated it to CRMY for their long-awaited Camp. It's a vast 500-acre plot of land with a lake, beach, personal forest, graveyard, and zoo. The Victorian-era buildings and the whole place exude a unique ambiance.

You won't know anyone else attending Field Day, and that's precisely the point. It's a wild weekend filled with crazy events and opportunities to make new friends, without any regrets or whatever. You've been eagerly awaiting this for years, and finally, the time has come. You have no idea what's in store for you, and you can only hope you'll remember it all. Good thing you brought your film camera.

Field Day ‘23 at Camp CRMY is our summer collection inspired by a fictional overnight weekend called "Field Day." It's a weekend packed with activities that combine the playfulness of youth with the promiscuity of being an adult. It's a thrilling mash-up of college spring break, youthful field day shenanigans, and the classic vibes of summer camp—everything rolled into one.

Being a lover of all things Americana, I romanticize American summer camps and college spring break culture. I've always been fascinated by them, as they embody some of the most iconic American tropes for the spring and summer seasons. Through this collection, I wanted to explore and celebrate these themes.

When curating the event line-up for Field Day, I handpicked activities that I personally would love to experience if Field Day were a real event. Imagine classic summer camp fun with a sprinkle of risqué and edgy undertones. The event schedule for Field Day is outrageous and absurd—a lineup of events that would be impossible to accomplish in just two days.

Here's the rundown of events:

Day One: Berry Picking, Sand Volleyball, Paintball, Wet T-Shirt Contest, Exotic Petting Zoo, Hot Wing Contest, Improv, Square Dancing, Campfire, and Ghosts in the Graveyard.

Day Two: High Ropes, Case Race, 3x3 Basketball, Skinny Dipping, Mini Golf, Climbing, Hotdog Eating Contest, Comedy Roast, Bull Riding, Spin the Bottle, and a Disco Rave.

So, which day sounds more fun to you?

In addition to my deep appreciation for Americana, Field Day ‘23 was inspired by the movie "Wet Hot American Summer," Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom," and the Cartoon Network show "Total Drama Island." I'm not entirely sure what brought these three together in my mind, but the result was this collection. "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Total Drama Island" share a similar sense of humor—slapstick, satirical, and absurd. "Moonrise Kingdom" leans more towards the cerebral, quirky, and whimsical side. I imagine that a real Field Day would encompass the combined vibe of all three.

The tagline for Field Day ‘23 is "a weekend you'll never remember."

Now, I don't usually like to over-explain things because I believe interpretation is part of the experience. However, in this case, I will. Growing up, summer camp is often considered the "week you remember forever" as a kid, or so they say. College spring break is also labeled in a similar way, although sometimes those memories can get a little hazy... In essence, Field Day captures that sentiment. With all the fun activities, indulgence, and partying, Field Day truly becomes the weekend "you'll never remember" (also because Field Day is not a real event, so you can't actually remember it... yeah).

Anyway, let me get back on track.

Field Day ‘23 at Camp CRMY is essentially a fictional event designed to evoke nostalgia for a time when things were more carefree. It's deeply rooted in Americana and washed in the surrealism that is quintessentially CRMY. The collection as a whole aims to evoke memories of carefree summer days, youthful exuberance, promiscuity, excessive indulgence, and the spirit of personal and collective adventure.

I invite you to join my daydream—welcome to Field Day at Camp CRMY.

Who knows, maybe one summer we'll turn this event into a reality.

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  • i think you would need more then 500 aces for the turnout you’d have, love this idea and hope it does come to life, love everything that crmy does🔥🔥🔥

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